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Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJSU) is a public university located in Hangzhou, which is the capital city of Zhejiang Province and borders Shanghai in the east of China. The University has a student population of over 25,000 and offers forty-seven undergraduate programs, thirty-seven master programs and three doctoral programs in the fields of administration, economics, engineering, literature, law, science, history and philosophy.

ZJSU is earnestly seeking more links with institutions of higher learning overseas in the area of education and scientific research, including faculty and student exchange programs.

Facts and Figures

Zhejiang is the name of the province and "Gongshang" is the Chinese pronunciation of two Chinese words meaning "business and technology," signifying that Zhejiang Gongshang University is a public higher educational institution administrated by Zhejiang Province and focuses on the fields of business and technology.

Established in 1911, named "Hangzhou Business School"
Renamed "Hangzhou University of Commerce" in 1980
Renamed "Zhejiang Gongshang University" in 2004
Awarded "Grade A" in the evaluation of Bachelor Degree Programs by China's Ministry of Education in 2007

Domestic students: 25,000+
Foreign Students: 500+
Faculty and staff: 1,955
Campus Size: 140 hectares or 350 acres
Library with a collection of over 2.89 million volumes of books, 13,000 kinds of magazines and journals and with online services

Contact Information

1.For partner universities and outgoing exchange students, please contact
Ms. MA Xiuli (Mary)
International Affairs Office
10F, Office Building,Zhejiang Gongshang University
No.18, Xuezheng Str., Xiasha University Town, Hangzhou, 310018 China
Tel: ++86 571-28877318
Fax: ++86 571-28877312
Skype: maxiulisu
E-mail: international@mail.zjgsu.edu.cn

2. For incoming students' admission, please contact
Miss Wang Wenya (Rachel)
Admission Officer
School of International Education
Zhejiang Gongshang University
No.18, Xuezheng Str., Xiasha University Town, Hangzhou, 310018 P.R.China
Tel: +86 571 28008686
Mobile: +86 136-06809062
Fax: +86 571 28008686
Email: admission@mail.zjgsu.edu.cn

3. For the SEPP, please contact
Mr. Ying Yaping
Executive Vice Dean
College of International Education
Zhejiang Gongshang University
No.18 Xuezheng Street, Xiasha University Town,Hangzhou,310018 P.R.China
Phone: +86-571-28008682
Fax: +86-571-28008686
E-mail: ies@mail.zjgsu.edu.cn

4. For further information concerning Hangzhou, please visit http://www.hangzhou.com.cn/english/ and http://www.morehangzhou.com/.

5. For further information concerning Zhejiang Province and its neighbor Shanghai, please visit http://english.zjol.com.cn/, http://www.enonline.sh.cn/ and http://www.shanghai.gov.cn/shanghai/node8059/index.html.